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In case of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, fire, burglary or any misfortune where you need your home and apartment information for insurance or law enforcement. MyHomeInfo lets you store contents and property details up to 10 individual addresses. Upload contents and property photos and maintain a list of important contacts.

Features List

Multiple Addresses

The user can add up to 10 individual addresses within the app.


Items that have been archived by the user can be easily accessed in the Vault.


The user can search for any home or property information they are looking for through the Search function.


For better organization, home details are separated into categories such as appliances, furniture, electronics, insurance, etc.

Item Lists and Details

Home or property items are divided into categories. Individual descriptions and photos of each item can then be added by the user.

FAQ About MyHomeInfo

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MyHomeInfo helps you keep track of all your important home and property information in an inventory. It lets your residential address/es, upload property photos, and maintain your list of contacts.

As a maximum, you can store 10 individual house addresses.

Home information is separated into categories such as home items, location, emergency contacts, among others. Home or property information is further divided into lists. Individual descriptions of each item can then be added by the user. You can also archive items to clear up your inventory. All your archived items are stored in theVault.

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